Island Sweet Skunk Marijuana Plant

Island Sweet Skunk

Pepe Le Pew meets tropical fruit in the exhale and aroma of this particular flower. This sativa generates a energetic and creative high that will leave your brain stranded on an island in the sky, and then pull your body up to join. Anxiety and pain stand no chance against this one.

Bruce Banner Marijuana Plant

Bruce Banner

With dense nuggets and an earthy citrus aroma, this green monster is potent enough even to calm the Hulk down. OG Kush and Strawberry Diesel are the parents of this tasty concoction. A perfect pre-movie smoke, the high induces creativity and euphoric sleepiness.

Chiesel Marijuana Plant


This flower produces a smell and taste of fuel and cheese, considering that her parents are the NYC Diesel and Cheese strains. The happy high easily treats depression and is a fair match for moderate pain. Creativity and energy are born from the exhale, as is a body high that will make anyone chill pretty hard.

Golden Goat Marijuana Plant

Golden Goat

The sweet, sour and spicy smell of this girl seems enough to get the high rolling without even lighting up. It affects you from your brain to your toes. Though it is dominantly sativa, the high is so strong that it is hard to distinguish it from an indica, but more importantly it is hard to distinguish your body from your couch.

Girl Scout Cookies Marijuana Plant

Girl Scout Cookies

Although this pretty flower may not taste like the Thin Mints or Tagalongs you’re used to, it will definitely make you want some. This hybrid strain is great for those who are in severe pain or at a loss of appetite. One hit of this and you’ll forget all about pain and begin searching for the nearest box of the delicious cookies.

Skunk Dawg Marijuana Plant

Skunk Dawg

This sativa makes for an energetic, social high. Its main attributes can be found in her parents: Super Skunk and ChemDawg. The sugary crystallization is not only amazing to look at, but also provides a smell and taste that has a sour tinge to it, yet earthy expressions.

Durban Poison

Don’t let the name fool you. Though it is very potent, this Poison is more of an antidote than anything. Prepare to be lifted to the clouds and get comfortable up there because it won’t let you come back down for a while. The spicy, herbal, earthy notes in the aroma and taste speak to it’s potency.

East Coast Alien

East Coast Sour Diesel and AlienDawg came together to create this beauty. The diesel smell and taste are potent to say the least, as is the high. It is great for chillin’ hard as are most indicas, but to underestimate its potency can be a day-ending mistake. Too much and the aliens just might abduct you.

Maui Waui

This famous, tropical strain is determined to get you mentally energized for the day ahead. Whether you are paddling out for the next break in the pacific, or hittin’ the slopes in Denver’s mountainous backyard, Maui Waui is the perfect fuel for a creative, adventurous mind.

Sage and Sour

This sativa is a tasteful match between S.A.G.E. and Sour Diesel. The earthy scented flowery buds produce a high that is energetic and euphoric. Mostly the mind is affected on this strain, but your body won’t be disappointed.


This sativa is a tasteful match between S.A.G.E. and Sour Diesel. The earthy scented flowery buds produce a high that is energetic and euphoric. Mostly the mind is affected on this strain, but your body won’t be disappointed.

Sour Diesel

This high is heavily focused on your mind, and seems to forget about your body. It gets its name and popularity from the pungent fuel smell that pulsates from the flowers. The dreamy high is perfect for day smoking because it doesn’t make your mind cloudy.

Strawberry Cough

This sativa is great for a social setting and keeps you motivated as you go about your day. Just make sure you have a refreshing drink close by, because the strength of this beauty might put you in shock with its potency.


This tasty citrus flower is child to the parents of California Orange and a skunk hybrid. This strain is perfect for a daytime smoke, so let the euphoric ride take you away as you begin your day.

White Fire Og

The smell and taste of this strain (pungent and musky) is only matched by the fast acting, potent high. It is slightly more sativa than indica, but your body and clouded mind will seem to affected more by the indica side.  This potent flower is a cross between Fire OG Kush and The White and is currently heavily sought after as it quickly rises in popularity.

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