Flo Marijuana Plant


The tasty spawn of Purple Thai and Afghan Indica gave birth to this girl. Flo produces a skunky, earthy aroma and a high that clears troubling thoughts and replaces them with a clear headed, mile-hi high.


Red Dragon Marijuana Plant

Red Dragon

This fire-breathing hybrid is a cross between a West Himalayan Kush and Utopia Haze. This Dragon will slay depression and stress with a sweet, fruity aroma. The high is upbeat and energetic, perfect for a medieval conquest or just a hike in the Rockies.

Ghost Og

Your body and your mind will experience a well balanced high with this spooky OG. Anxiety, depression and insomnia are no match for this flower. Your mind will ascend to the clouds, but this time your body will follow.

White Fire OG Marijuana Plant

White Fire OG

The smell and taste of this strain (pungent and musky) is only matched by the fast acting, potent high. It is slightly more sativa than indica, but your body and clouded mind will seem to affected more by the indica side.  This potent flower is a cross between Fire OG Kush and The White and is currently heavily sought after as it quickly rises in popularity.

White Widow Marijuana Plant

White Widow

Coming straight from the Netherlands, this powerful strain releases a non-venomous euphoria straight to your dome. Even though this widow isn’t deadly, beware of the energy burst that will bite you.


This Colorado native is a cross between Bubba Kush and ChemDawg. The wow-factor is found in the aroma with a pungent, earthy smell accented by hints of chocolate or coffee. The notes are evident in the exhale as well. This predominantly indica strain holds up to its bold name and will leave you feeling a Mile High.


A heady high, this strain is a cross between Sour Diesel, OG Kush and Master Kush. The THC levels are very high, but this dominantly indica strain is well balanced enough to not induce any unwanted sleep. It is used to treat anxiety and tension, and is a good friend to bring on a trip to the slopes.

Armageddon Skunk

The end of the world is eminent, but this strain can help with the anxiety of worldly destruction. Heavy citrus notes are easily noticeable in the aroma of the flower and in the exhale. The effects linger with this one, but are not overwhelming at any point.


AK-48 is no regular hybrid. Hailing from strains like Ice and Jack Herrer, this cannabis masterpiece retains all of the benefits of the finest sativas with a slight hint of indica.

Blue Dream

This flower induces euphoric daydreaming. She is a cross of Blueberry and Haze, and brings on a body high that is a force to be reckoned with. Fruity notes are easily noticed in both the aroma and exhale, and the satisfaction soon follows.

Captain Kush

If everyone has a little Captain in them, then they must be feeling pretty good. The softly sweet and delicate pine flavor of this hybrid strain will hit your taste buds and leave you begging for another taste, ultimately resulting in a mellow, yet uniquely energizing high.

Bruce Banner

With dense nuggets and an earthy citrus aroma, this green monster is potent enough even to calm the Hulk down. OG Kush and Strawberry Diesel are the parents of this tasty concoction. A perfect pre-movie smoke, the high induces creativity and euphoric sleepiness.


This flower produces a smell and taste of fuel and cheese, considering that her parents are the NYC Diesel and Cheese strains. The happy high easily treats depression and is a fair match for moderate pain. Creativity and energy are born from the exhale, as is a body high that will make anyone chill pretty hard.


This flower smells of coffee and flowers, but when ground up releases and earthy aroma with hints of chocolate. Born from breeding OG Chocolate Thai and Cannalope Haze, this euphoric high treats pain, anxiety and boredom.

Cinderella 99

This potent flower gives off hints of tropical citrus with earthy undertones. The high is intense and sets on quickly, but is energetic and steady. It is a great daytime smoke, but can knock anyone out so don’t underestimate this sleeping beauty.

Girl Scout Cookies Marijuana Plant

Girl Scout Cookies

Although this pretty flower may not taste like the Thin Mints or Tagalongs you’re used to, it will definitely make you want some. This hybrid strain is great for those who are in severe pain or at a loss of appetite. One hit of this and you’ll forget all about pain and begin searching for the nearest box of the delicious cookies.

Golden Goat

The sweet, sour and spicy smell of this girl seems enough to get the high rolling without even lighting up. It affects you from your brain to your toes. Though it is dominantly sativa, the high is so strong that it is hard to distinguish it from an indica, but more importantly it is hard to distinguish your body from your couch.

New York City Diesel

This flower will take your head on a hot air balloon ride, and tingle your body at the same time. It provides a well-rounded head high and emits a sweet, heavily diesel flavor and smell. Pain and stress will crumble in its shadow.

New York Purple Diesel

Let the pain fade away as New York Purple Diesel unleashes a fruity smell and potent buzz. This strain is great for those who are looking to settle down for the evening and spark up an appetite just in time for dinner.

Og Kush

Very popular in Southern California, this sativa dominany hybrid is known for its potency. It is a good high for active days, but if it is underestimated you may find yourself in a sleepwalking state. Its effects are pleasant but expect them to linger for quite a while. The buds are frosty and smell heavily of pine with sweet notes to accent.

Purple Dream

This flower is a cross between Purple Kush and Blue Dream. Pain is no match for this strain as it provides a body high that will linger and tease your head with a moderate brain-high. The smell and taste carry heavy berry and grape notes and will make you feel creative and uplifted.

Skunk Lemonade

Description: Coming soon.

Socal Skunk

Description: Coming soon.


This semi-rare breed provides a skunky aroma that is accented by sweet berries. A wine-drunk Pepe Le Pew. The high is energetic and uplifting, perfect for stress and anxiety.


With The Ultimate you truly get the best of both worlds. Boasting a 50/50 split of Indica and Sativa, this strain is perfect for indecisiveness.

White Erkle 

“UM… did I do that?” Yes, yes you did Erkle. You got me high again. This nerd will leave you couch ridden if used too heavily. The dark buds and large orange hairs make for a flower that tastes and smells quite heavily of pine with notes of berries or wine on the exhale.

WI-FI Tahoe

This flower is super pungent with definite sweet notes on both the aroma and the taste. The high will open and clear your mind while your muscles will feel quite relaxed. The dynamic high from these nuggets is well balanced and great for a mid-summers day smoke. In order to keep up with modern competition, this strain is now wireless.

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