Lakewood Dispensary

Lakewood Dispensary

Dispensary Near LakewoodWhether you are a local Colorado resident trying marijuana for the first time, a tourist interested in enjoying it legally, or an experienced smoker looking to up your game, knowing a few important things can ensure a better and safer experience.

Here are a few answers to common questions about smoking marijuana in Lakewood.

Can I consume marijuana in Lakewood?

Colorado’s 2006 Clean Indoor Air Act may pose some trouble if you’re looking for a place to smoke your purchases from a Lakewood dispensary. The law, which was originally passed to end cigarette smoking in public places, was later expanded to include marijuana. As a result, you’ll face some limitations in where you can legally smoke.

Consumption of marijuana is illigal in public places.

Smoke at home. Marijuana was legalized for private and personal use, so you can always smoke it in the privacy of your own home. This is the best place, although of course it’s not always an option for everyone, such as in the case of tourists, renters, and those with objecting roommates.

Smoke in certain hotels. Traveling to the area and planning to smoke while you’re here? You’re not alone. Some hotels have prohibited smoking marijuana, but others allow it. Be sure to look for marijuana-friendly accommodations if this is your intent.
Try alternatives to smoking. You might find a vaporizer pen an enjoyable method. Edibles are another option that would completely eliminate the issue of where to smoke.

Recreational Marijuana Dispensaries near Lakewood

Looking for a Lakewood dispensary? Going to a dispensary isn’t like shopping at the closest grocery store. In a business where quality can vary dramatically, it’s important to find a dispensary with high-quality products and a welcoming environment.

Located just north of Lakewood, at 10030 W. 27th Avenue in Wheat Ridge, our store carries more than 40 strains of sativas, indicas, and hybrids. We own a state-of-the-art organic grow facility and are always adding new strains of affordable marijuana. In addition, we offer wax and shatter from Chronic Creations, as well as edibles and topicals. Stop in to check out our quality and selection – we’re sure you’ll find it worth the trip!

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