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Recreational marijuana is now legal in Colorado, and many people are flocking to our recreational dispensary in Arvada. From residents that are regular smokers, to visitors who want to know what the Colorado recreational marijuana world is all about, we’re proud to serve our customers with the best quality products you’ll find anywhere in the Arvada, Colorado area.

There are a few things you need to know before you visit our Arvada dispensary though. Keep reading to prepare for your visit to Chronic Therapy.

How Can I Consume Marijuana in Arvada?

From our top-quality indica, sativa and hybrid strains, our weekly menu has something for everyone, from the regular user to the first-time recreational smoker. Where and how you can consume recreational cannabis products in the state of Colorado, and Arvada as a city, isn’t always clear though.

While recreational use of marijuana is legal in Colorado, you can’t simply smoke on the street. For people who live in the area, consuming marijuana in your home is always the best bet when it comes to safety and enjoyment.

If you’re traveling in the area, check to see if your hotel allows recreational marijuana use on premises. If smoking is not allowed, vaporizers and edibles can allow you to enjoy recreational marijuana when you’re in town.

Many hotels do allow smoking though, so do your homework and find the right place to stay in the area.

Recreational Marijuana Dispensaries in Arvada, CO

Finding the right dispensary isn’t like finding a restaurant to get yourself lunch. You need to look for a recreational dispensary that offers high-quality products in a friendly, informative environment.

Located near Arvada, CO, our dispensary is the perfect pit-stop for any resident or traveler who wants the best marijuana products in the area. With many different strains, including unique hybrid strains, you can’t beat our selection.

We also offer a ton of different edibles that are perfect for regular users and beginners. We’ll even help you understand how to consume edibles so you have a great experience each and every time you buy from us.

Chronic Therapy

Contact Chronic Therapy near Arvada to learn more about or current offerings and all you need to know about recreational marijuana in Colorado. From helping you find the perfect strain, to picking out the right edibles, Chronic Therapy can put you on the right path.

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