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Chronic Creations: Marijuana Wax

Heard of wax, and wondering what it is and if it’s right for you? Whether you’re new to marijuana, or have been smoking bud for a little while and are ready to branch out, wax can offer an intense experience you won’t soon forget. Tread carefully, though: Wax consists of more than 80 percent pure THC and can be very potent.

Marijuana Wax

What is Wax?

It may look a little like honey, but don’t mistake it for that sweet treat! Wax is a concentrated form of marijuana that may look waxy or goopy, but packs a powerful punch.

The process of making wax uses butane to isolate the THC contained in marijuana. What results is more than 80 percent pure THC, which offers an intense high. As you can imagine, this also makes wax a bit pricier than flower, but since it only takes a dab to produce a satisfying high, you’ll find this concentrated form of marijuana is worth the price.

How to Consume Wax

Bongs and vaporizers are the most common delivery systems for wax. A dab can be smoked from a bong, just like any other marijuana, or a vaporizer can be used for a cleaner high. Another method is to put a dab in your joint, but this is a much less common.

Wax vs. Shatter

You have probably also heard of shatter. In fact, wax and shatter are so often referenced at the same time that many people don’t know the difference. Because of chemical differences in how each are made, shatter comes out hard and crystallized, instead of the softer consistency of wax. Both are highly concentrated forms of marijuana, however, and both produce a similarly intense high.

Is Right for You?

Whether wax is the right choice for you is determined by what kind of high you want, in addition to your past experience with cannabis. Learning about marijuana and its many forms before making a decision will help ensure you have a safe and enjoyable experience, no matter what you choose. Come in to Chronic Therapy today to visit our wax dispensary and find out more about marijuana wax and other forms of cannabis.

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