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Curious about recreational marijuana in Colorado? Our Blog is perfect for those who want to learn more about cannabis and get news, updates, & product info.
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Marijuana News and Information

Strain Spotlight: Bubba Kush

  If you're looking for an extremely relaxing, satisfying experience, the cannabis strain Bubba Kush may be just right for you. This indica strain offers a full-body, bone-deep relaxation that many chronic pain-sufferers, insomniacs and recreational users love. Bubba Kush has therefore become quite popular and has...

cannabis girl scout cookies

Strain Spotlight: Girl Scout Cookies

With pro-marijuana legislation racing across the nation, there has been a sudden burst of creativity shining through the latest strains to hit the market. Girl Scout Cookies is one such strain that has been gaining notoriety for the last few years. History Girl Scout Cookies was originally...

Marijuana and Ski Resorts

Can I Use Weed at Ski Resorts in Colorado?

Colorado is primarily known across the entire United States for two things: skiing, and legal weed. However it's not always clear how those two claims to fame intersect. Locals enjoying a day trip to the ski slopes and tourists from out of state coming for...

golden goat review

Strain Spotlight: Golden Goat

If you like a euphoric, intense, and long-lasting high, Golden Goat should be at the top of your list of strains to try. This intense strain offers all of the best benefits sativa has to offer, wrapped up in a fuzzy golden package. Whether you're...

Denver Marijuana ballot initiatives

Denver Marijuana Ballot Initiatives

If you’ve been keeping up with marijuana news, you probably already know that Denver voters may soon have their pick in November between two marijuana initiatives. These two initiatives will be aimed at allowing social use of marijuana in a variety of places. These two initiatives...

celebrity smoking marijuana

Celebrities Using Their Brand for Weed is Big Business

While many celebrities have long been known for their love of marijuana, today a growing number of them are lending their names, and faces, to their own brands of weed. They are taking advantage of marijuana’s rising popularity and cashing in. Marijuana manufaturers are sing their...

dangers of smoking spice

Is Spice Bad for You?

Synthetic marijuana is more dangerous than ever as manufacturers scramble to change its ingredients to skirt the law and turn a profit, putting consumer safety last. Educate yourself on the difference between synthetic marijuana and natural marijuana before putting yourself in harm’s way. What is Spice? Spice...

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