Best Recreational Dispensary in Wheat Ridge

Chronic Therapy is committed to providing premium hand trimmed recreational cannabis. Our dispensary is conveniently located in Wheat Ridge, Colorado and we currently cultivate 40+ strains of expertly grown A+ marijuana.

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All of our marijuana strains are comprised of at least 17% THC (tetrahydrocannabinol, the major psychoactive constituent of marijuana). Each bud is grown in the best conditions to ensure we provide the highest quality weed.


Procured through an extraction process, concentrates typically contain a high percentage of cannabinoids. Through Chronic Creations, we offer premium wax and shatter.


Infused with cannabinoids, we offer a wide variety of delicious food and drink products. Some of these products are very potent, so be sure to ask our budtenders about what amount is right for you.


We offer different products that are designed to apply to the surface of your skin, usually in the form of a cream, salve or ointment. Because cannabis has anti-inflammatory benefits, these products are great for those suffering from arthritis, psoriasis or allergic skin reactions.


Recreational Marijuana Garden

We grow all of our cannabis from seeds and clones. Our marijuana plants live in a controlled environment, growing in ground coconut shell soil. Chronic Therapy’s special nutrient blend waters each plant.

Recreational Marijuana Plant

The life of each plant lasts five months from clone to harvest. One week before harvest we flush all the nutrients out in order to maximize the flower’s growth.

Recreational Marijuana Bud

After harvesting each marijuana plant, our trim team cuts away unwanted leaves and stems, resulting in a premium hand-trimmed cannabis bud that is set out to dry and placed on the shelves.

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